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The Economy Of Trust
cross-border p2p-lending for the Fed/State&Local contract financing

Stability In Volatile Markets: What You Need To Know About Stable Coins
According to Mile, the answer to solving the economic burdens of unstable exchange rates and uncontrolled issuances of fiat monies was global collaboration on money issuance. MILE's built-in resistance mechanisms, such as noise-filtering, social responsibility, and self-printing currency generation, are leading Asian cryptocurrency exchanges down its hallways. I'm interested to see how this continues to develop in the Asian market. (source)

On the way to the Blockchain-based Global Stable Currency and Financial Ecosystem
Lotus Mile, who was very mysterious and unknown without any trace of her whereabouts and real identity ... proposed a number of brilliant ideas. Global collaboration on money issuance are one of the key fields where blockchain-based technologies could be implemented as the money minting algorithm is the same for private individuals and governmental agencies alike (source)

IBM Industrious Magazine Fall 2018
"Blockchain is about creating the worlds of machines living parallel to the human world and co-working with humans," said George Goognin, a board member of the Mile Unity Foundation. "For the robots, blockchain is a perfect match. Imagine your housekeeping robot has earned or minted some coins, then automatically sent them to the factory, and they will produce the new 'baby-housekeeper' robot. Voilà! Robots can reproduce themselves! And we've got to pray they will be kind to the people. (source)

CNN Turk news 01 November 2018
"Due to its advanced infrastructure and geographical location, Turkey is a candidate to become a digital finance center. In order to promote it, we will soon sign agreements to ensure our cooperation with the organisations we have met with. First of all, we will provide the Turkish institutions with free open source technologies and training to use Mile blockchain protocol in their own projects. We will also perform pilot cross-border trading projects to show how much Turkey can gain in trade and finance with new technologies" (source)
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